Glob-Prot Ltd. supplies surge protection devices for seven years.

The manufacturing of surge protection devices is a specific area that requires a high level of knowledge on the part of the company’s management, as well as the production staff, and from the part of developers. The introduction of new technologies and using the latest test equipment requires the helping development of professional engineers. The use of surge protection devices nowadays are becoming increasingly urgent.

The energy systems are using more and more complex electronic equipment as a result they are increasingly more sensitive to electromagnetic smog. When an error occurs in the electronic equipment, it not only can cause function decline, it can cause even a total system collapse. Manufactured by the company HAKEL, surge protection devices can be used in industries, households, offices and even military facilities. Hakel also works with university students to improve the technology of EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility). The company’s first location was in the Czech Republic near the power electronics industry; the company’s experience gained from there. HAKEL products are exported to several countries in the world. HAKEL surge protection devices allow users to easily use the products in all industries, as well as in homes and offices. HAKEL products are used in all areas of industry: offices, homes and institutions in many different profiles.

Due to the continuous development, Hakel meets the highest level of professionalism. This is the reason why Hakel Ltd, is a world class company. The products are in accordance with IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 regulations.

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