Acer Voltage

The Glob-Prot Ltd . acts as a distributor of Acer Voltage surge protectors and voltage limiters. These devices and equipment can be used from 1kV to 39kV.

Manufacturing of these kinds of devices is a special segment requires high and special knowledge of management, manufacturing and RD employees also. Introduction of new technologies, using the latest test equipment requires the updated knowledge of the engineers.

The usage of the voltage limiters and the surge protection devices are more and more necessary.

The products of Acer Voltage can be used in power supply and distribution networks and in public transport lines (tram/train and trolley lines).

The first premise of the company is located near the Power Electronics Center of the Czech Republic. The Acer Voltage products are exported worldwide.

Thanks to the continuous development Acer Voltage reaches better and better technical parameters and fulfill the standard requirements on a higher level. These make the Acer Voltage one of the best manufacturers in their field of work.

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