Roxtec simplifies the planning, installation and the maintenance process with flexibility and it can be easily opened and closed. With the help of the spare modules, the possibility of future expansion is pre-built into the system.


Roxtec – smart, easy and safe


The Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system is a unique transfer system, which can be modular and/or MultiDiameter™. With Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system almost any problem can be easily solved.

The figure shows what MultiDiameter™ technology means. Each module consists of two halves, and from the center the pages can be removed from the appropriate cable or pipe diameter adaptation. It can be used with a cable diameter range.

For planners

For designers, we recommend the Roxtec Transit Designer™ program, which can be immediately used after the registration and it only takes a few minutes, through a few simple steps. Documents, drawings, models and itemized product specifications are immediately available. There are now 15,000 users from all over the world. Roxtec Transit Designer ™ allows you to share work on the same projects and track the changes.


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For contractors

For Contractors, we offer some help to carry out Roxtec cable and pipe systems according to the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the right safety.

Installation instructions:


Getting started with Roxtec Transit Designer™

Roxtec UG™ Underground transits against water

Roxtec protects against EMI/EMP

Roxtec HD 32 Ex – a cable entry device for hazardous locations