In the segment of the original equipment manufacturing the biggest actors ( gas turbines, OEM cabinets) use Roxtec cable and pipe transit in Hungary and in worldwide. The flexibility and the reliability of the Roxtec cable and pipe transit system make it useful in this segment also. In this page we should like to introduce a few typical OEM examples!


In the OEM segment (Cabinets, generators and turbines, vehicles, rolling stocks, robotics) we provide standard, and customer tailored solutions. All the custom made equipment made for individual requirements, because of these reasons it is not acceptable that the enduser would be unsattisfied. So the safety and the quality of the cable and pipe transit should be attanded. Even the IP55-IP67 protection, even the vibration attenuation, even the usage in dangerous field Roxtec gives the best solution.

Examples from the OEM world

Wall transit

The requirement for a wall transit can be water tightness, gas tightness, fireproof and rodent proof. Roxtec can provide these performances all of them, or every one of them.

Cabinet transfer