Glob-Prot Kft.

Glob-Prot Ltd. has been operating uninterrupted since 1998. Since then, our goal is to serve our customers with the best care! The essence of our business policy is to be a satisfied customer who gets what he needs to return and brings new opportunities! Our company strives for continuous strengthening and organic growth from the foundation.


  • 1998 foundation, initially mainly design works
  • 2001 with Roxtec, it has been ongoing since then
  • 2004 Moving to Mázsa Square Office
  • 2006 Contract with Kitagawa, this is still ongoing
  • 2007 Contract with Hakel, this is continuous
  • 2010 Roxtec RTM presentation, new Roxtec design software (released on CD)
  • 2014 Introducing Roxtec UG Series
  • 2015 Purchase of new site (1171 Budapest, Pásztorfalva utca 19.)
  • 2015 Online Roxtec RTM (Appearance of Online Design Software)
  • 2016 Moving to the new location
  • 2017 Introduction of Lighting Technology

Mottó: Az ember ott kezdődik, hogy teremt valamit, ami nincs. Valakinek lenni a semmiből. Nem a legkisebb, hanem a legnagyobb ellenállást keresni, csak azt érdemes megcsinálni, ami lehetetlen.
/Hamvas Béla