Clean rooms

Some industrial branches (electrical equipment manufacturing, pharma industry) require dust, germ, and pollution free manufacturing environment. Sterility is also basic demand in case of hospitals and research laboratories. Different cleanroom classifications and ratings ensure these clean producing environments.

Roxtec provides the industry rounded edged, dust repellent frames and sleeves directly specified for cleanrooms. Acid proof stainless steel wall and cabinet frames help fast and easy cleaning of these kinds of areas. Safety of explosion proof manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical cleanrooms is guaranteed by our ATEX certified product line.


Wall transit

In case of walls fire proof, gas-tight or ATEX certified sealing may occur as demand. Roxtec performs all of these requirements, separately or together.

Cabinet transits

Roxtec provides certified solutions to cable sealings for measuring, signaling and control cabinets, junction boxes. The advantage is the easy installation of pre-terminated cables, high cable density and outgoing IP rating performance (from IP44 to IP67). Flexibility coming from MultiDiameter Technology makes life easier for installation and maintenance staff.